101 Drinking Games


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101 games to get your party started! Guaranteed to bring the house down, The World’s Craziest Drinking Games is jam-packed with all you need to entertain your friends with a merry mix of mirth and mayhem! There are Crazy Card Games to challenge and torment you… Widiculous Word Games to tangle the tongue and get your words in a mucking fuddle… Shockingly outrageous Action Games to twist you, turn you and test your bottle… Dastardly Dice Games to bamboozle your brain and mangle your mind… A rip-roaring set of Simply Silly Games that will leave you in stitches and spluttering with delight… Raise your glass and raise a smile… Drinking Games will quickly turn any social get-together into a hilarious night to remember… or perhaps one you’d rather forget! Cheers!

Ages 18+

Suits +2 Players

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