Lesser Kudu


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The lesser kudu is a spiral horned antelope endemic to various forest regions in eastern Africa. Their large horns can grow up to three feet tall, and are only present on males. The term lesser refers to their size in comparison to the greater kudu, which is a very close relative.

Scientific Name: Tragelaphus imberbis

Characteristics: Used to spending the day under the hot African sun, we’re sure this amazing antelope would love to rest on a cool nightstand or desk! This lesser kudu model reflects our dedication to creating wildlife figurines that are not only true-to-life and scientifically accurate, but fun to play with as well.

Size and Color: Lesser kudus have noticeable differences in appearances between genders – although both have distinctive white stripes, females and juveniles have tawny brown coats whereas males have a dark silver coat. Standing 4.4 inches tall and 3.6 inches long, this figurine is about an inch taller and wider than a deck of cards stood upright. The Lesser Kudu is part of the Wild Safari® Wildlife collection. All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.

Suitable for ages 3+

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