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There is much hype in the international yoyo community about the Replay, and it is not without reason. Designed for World Champion Gentry Stein, the replay is a budget plastic yoyo with a big claim to fame. Gentry used this yoyo to win the US Nationals in 2015. Like the rest of the world, we too are very impressed with how amazingly well it plays. It’s heavy weight and manoeuvrability makes it suitable for doing long and technical combos, while still being a great unresponsive beginner yoyo to learn with. It performs a range of advanced tricks just like a full price metal yoyo, and is even blasted to allow for grind tricks. Really the best value for money throw you will find anywhere in SA. Please note that this is an unresponsive yoyo, which means that it does not return to the hand when you tug on the string. You need to learn a trick to bind return the yoyo.

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