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If your yoyo is not binding or returning as well as it used to, it may be because your response pads are worn out. The response helps the string to wind tightly, which ensures that the yoyo spins properly and with power. Worn out response pad will mean the string doesn’t wind tightly and the yoyo will feel as if it doesn’t spin strong enough. If you unscrew the yoyo, the silicone pads should be level with the recess in which they sit. If they are worn out they will be well below the level. Use a needle or pin to remove the pads and any excess glue. These pads are made from silicone and are a standard size fitting Yoyofactory (except Loop 360, Spinstar, or wooden yoyos), C3yoyodesign, and MagicYoyo yoyos. Response pads come in a range of colours, so colour may vary depending on what we have in stock.

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