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The Spinstar is our TOP PICK for a responsive yoyo. The butterfly shape makes it easier to perform tricks than the more traditional shape looping yoyos. A great choice for beginners and even for children of 6 years or younger. It’s fairly durable and has a strong metal axle that won’t snap easily. The yoyo is responsive so it will easily return to the hand when the string is tugged. It can also sleep at the bottom of the string to perform tricks. The transaxle (a movable plastic part around the axle which acts as a bearing) and starburst response makes this yoyo super low maintenance. The only thing you would need to replace is the string. This yoyo isn’t just for kids though, it is a fun and easy responsive yoyo for players who are used to unresponsive yoyos and just want to have a bit of fun learning all the responsive tricks they totally skipped such as UFO, dog bite, creeper and walking the dog! The yoyo comes with a short string for young children, so be sure to buy additional strings if you are a taller kid. Please note this yoyo does not come with any packaging. If you intend to give it as a gift, we recommend adding a yoyo pouch.

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